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Emergency Work

Emergency Work

Tree removal is often necessary when trees have become overcrowded, are damaged or diseased, or are too close to power lines or structures. Additionally, many emergency situations are caused by storms. During or after a severe storm, there is the possibility that area uprooted trees or broken limbs can cause great damage and pose serious threat.


That is when it becomes necessary to call in a qualified specialist for tree removal. The professionals at Horgan Tree Experts offer emergency tree service and emergency tree removal in the Main Line and surrounding areas, when and where you need it. We understand that, in an emergency situation, time is of the essence for the safety and well-being of your home and family.


Nature is unpredictable. Storms can cause serious damage to limbs and trees which can in turn cause hazards to your property and personal safety. Therefore, tree removal should always be left to a qualified professional and never attempted by a homeowner or amateur. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.


If you live in Main Line or surrounding area, call Horgan Tree Experts when you require emergency tree service or emergency tree removal. We offer 24 hour emergency service and our professional tree experts will perform tree removal in a safe and systematic manner within hours of your call.


When performed by a qualified tree specialist, emergency tree removal will reduce further damage to your property while keeping you safe. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure that a dangerous situation be safely and effectively remedied.



  • Emergency service around the clock

  •  Immediate storm and disaster response

  • Trim, cable or brace loose or broken limbs as necessary

  • Provide protection of damaged home structure with tarps and protective materials

  • Assistance with cleanup and debris removal and hauling

  • Ability to recycle damaged trees and limbs into mulch

  • Reasonable pricing



 Our professional tree experts at Horgan Tree Experts will assist in performing emergency tree service and emergency tree removal in the safest manner possible while attempting to reduce further risk of damage to your property. It is of the utmost importance that the removal be done properly without further damage to the surrounding area, trees and structures.


We suggest our customers take a preventative approach with their existing trees through pruning or removal and call us to assess their property for unsafe limbs and trees. These may pose a potential threat in a storm situation and may create a safety hazard. Although tree removal should be a last resort, in the case of dead or diseased trees, it is sometimes the only solution.



In the unfortunate event that you need our 24 hour emergency crews, you can expect us to provide a fair and honest approach to your situation. Our expert team will be deployed within hours of your emergency and offer the safest and most professional emergency services available. We offer the most complete range of emergency tree services and emergency tree removal in the Main Line and surrounding area.

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